Strut Specialists
Strut Specialists
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Brisbane:  07  3392 9505
Extended Length Available Pressures Part No. Rod Cylinder Stroke Price
195mm 50N to 400N U1956SS 6/15 65mm $55.00
315mm 50N to 400N U3156SS 6/15 125mm $66.00
375mm 100N to 800N U3758SS 8/18 150mm $66.00
400mm 100N to 800N U4008SS 8/18 165mm $77.00
435mm 100N to 800N U4358SS 8/18 185mm $77.00
510mm 100N to 800N U5108SS 8/18 210mm $77.00
610mm 100N to 800N U6108SS 8/18 270mm $99.00
710mm 100N to 1100N U71010SS 10/22 300mm $120.00
820mm 100N to 1100N U82010SS 10/22 365mm $120.00
* Our list is only a suggestion. If you cannot see the strut you need in this list, please email us your specific dimensions and we can almost certainly match it up for you!

* We will gladly ship parcels anywhere in Australia at discounted express post rates.

* All gas struts are supplied with ball and socket ends included in the listed price.

* Please call us for larger orders to negotiate a better price.
Strut Specialists