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  • Do use standard gas struts shaft end down (or body end up), this will prolong the life of the gas strut.
  • If gas struts are to be stored prior to use, the strut should be stored shaft down to lubricate the seal.
  • Do try to use ball joints to help avoid side load forces. If eye (clevises) are used ensure a sloppy fit to allow lateral movement.
  • Do ensure that the end fittings are in line so that side load forces are not applied as a result of misalignment.
  • Caravan pop top gas struts should be replaced 4 at a time.
  • Ensure the gas strut's end fittings are fully screwed home.
  • Where ball joints are used ensure the ball stud is flush with the surface and tightened.
  • Do not scratch, dent, chip, bend or paint the rod.
  • Do not puncture or incinerate.
  • Do not lubricate or treat the gas strut in any way.
  • Do not replace 1 gas strut of a pair.
  • Do not weld replacement ends on gas struts.